Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Education and Digital Learning

The Digital Learning Council's Bob Wise talks on C-Span about how digital learning can help students learn by transforming the current education system.

C-SPAN Video

By bringing current digital content from anywhere around the world to the class room to assist teachers learning is improved. In the hybrid learning teachers are not obsolete, but more essential. The content can be married with the classroom. Subject matter experts can build content and teachers can teach.

Other nations have already realized the gains from digital learning. Technology, as a great originator, has produce great savings and increase productivity in the business sector, but education uses it very infective. This is not about layering technology on top of current educational system, but a new way. Learning becomes personalized. Cost can be covered by saving from putting assessment and text books online and less need for remediation.

The 10 elements he outlines for high Quality Digital Learning to moving forward.
1. Student Eligibility
2. Student Access
3. Personalized Learning
4. Advancement
5. Content
6. Instruction
7. Providers
8. Assessment and Accountability
9. Funding
10. Delivery

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